Wave Statement Cuff

** this cuff is slightly discounted due to some imperfections in the bezels

painting with stones!! Heres the line up!

emerald valley, sonoran gold, sonoran mountain, verde valley, dry creek, kingman, sierra nevada, carico lake & golden hills... gangs all here!

This cuff measures at about 6"  around with a 1" gap and is Slightly adjustable. Its perfect as a upper forearm cuff or depending on the side of your writ it could be worn just above your wrist bones. 

Solid .925 Silver mirror finish stamped with my 'RAD' makers mark on the inside of the band

Hand forged in Northern California by Callie. Each piece is made with love, built to last, and ready to be passed on from generation to generation. These earrings are one-of-a-kind and you will receive the pair photographed!

$750.00 $1,200.00